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Other minor Zoosk properties include the ability to gift Coins, a proprietary text and video messenger system that allows you to communicate directly with other members, as well as Facebook and mobile apps. However, any additional options are severely limited—so much so, that effectively using the site without paying money is next to impossible. With this said, almost every feature on the site uses Zoosk Coins as a form of currency, which can be purchased in bundles:.

Subscription pricing is as follows:.

London woman approached by scammer on Zoosk using fake profile

Depending on your plan, you will automatically be billed unless you cancel in advance. Otherwise, you will lose the ability to get your money back. Zoosk is a big, reputable company, and is backed by numerous major venture capital firms. Remember the beautiful blonde from Beverly Hills? There have even been some accusations that some of these fake accounts belonged to Zoosk staff, though there is no evidence of this. In addition, you may also run across several accounts that are really just fronts for adult services providers.

If you decide to sign up with Zoosk, we recommend that you take caution, and not be too hasty in giving out personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers. Sign up for HighYa newsletter and get our best content delivered in your inbox as well as 3 free eBooks to help you save money and shop smarter.

Enter your email below to get started! Having joined Zoosk, I realized quite quickly that I had been scammed into joining. Before you join, your "who's viewed you" screen shows that numerous of the same people are viewing you, but this is NOT the case! Having spoken to the people that supposedly viewed me regularly, they said they only viewed me one time. I am going to do all I can to let as many people know this site is a scam. Thank you for robbing me and scamming me. Good work Zoosk, well done! No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

Do you have an account? Log In before commenting. I have used other online dating sites such as Match. They both provide good customer service in my opinion. Then I heard about Zoosk via email. What an absolutely horrible experience from an organizational and customer service perspective. They are a nightmare to deal with. I purchased a 6-month subscription around mid Along with the email, and just after my subscription expired, I also received notifications that people on Zoosk had sent me messages.

So I bit and renewed again. Only to discover that I was charged the full amount for 6 months and the messages from these so-called "people" appeared computer-generated? So I attempted to contact Zoosk on both the non-discounted price and the assumingly fake profiles out there. They informed me that I needed to pay by credit card which I did via PayPal and gave no answer to the seemingly "computer-generated" email messages received from potentially fake profiles. About a week later, Zoosk emails me informing me that my subscription was canceled, yet I paid for 6 months?

So I called them. Exact words from the customer service agent were: Your account has been blocked as it is our company policy to close an account when a dispute is raised via a 3rd party. To which the agent responded, "Sir, you have every right to attempt to re-join, but there is no guarantee that our system will not pick it up and block you. Why they chose to skate around the "real truth" and force me to gain mediation via PayPal is mind-boggling?

About Zoosk

Save your money, folks, and happy searching. No one writes back; they are paid by the company or are fictitious characters. Do no waste your money. Fraudsters who should be stopped in their tracks. They try this scam where they want you to buy an iTunes card. The Swift old iTunes card scammer trick.

How to Spot Online Dating Scams

That's what they are. They're scammers on Zoosk. Do not go on that site to meet anybody. Truly awful is the best way to describe Zoosk. It's manipulative and dishonest. You never know if the people that have apparently viewed you actually did, or whether the site falsely represented them. Some I have contacted, they informed me that they hadn't viewed my profile. They are a site set up to fleece the unsuspecting.

I would stay away from this site, and any site that interferes with your choices. This probably means any site set up to choose an ideal match for you. Nanny sites, even if they're honest. Of those, some are not going to exist, some will not be a match. Very slim pickings, and on a site you can't trust. THE few first days I was on Zoosk, I got a few respond to my messages, then after keep asking for pay extra to upgrade, in order to allow my message go through.

I feel so sad, that I have been a victim of such a scam, the site is run by crooks and they don't even provide the contact to complain or ask for explanation. This site is plagued with fake accounts, your membership is just the first place they rob you, then to do anything on the site you have to pay more It's just a hoax, terrible site. Stay away from these scam artists. I didn't provide a photo right away on my profile. Zoosk retrieved a picture from a device that I downloaded the Zoosk app to but never logged in from that device.

It stole a picture of my grandson. When I made an account from laptop the picture, from my phone popped up as my profile picture. I met a real and nice man.

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All of a sudden he went silent. Three days later for only a few minutes our texts reached each other. I immediately gave my two contact numbers. I had to go to a meeting so I ran upstairs to get a fresh shirt and jacket. When I returned, I clicked the Apple iPhone 6 home button to light the screen. I usually found him on my account.

I called the customer service and a nice older gentleman tried to help. There is no way for anyone to be searched on the site. I did that, swiping through probably over a thousand profiles to no avail.

Zoosk Features

I called customer service again to speak with a supervisor who is too young. She was impatient to reprimand him and completely not listening to me. Long story short, my friend is gone for good. My husband died in and this was the first man since then who touched my heart and mind. Problem is that most of the men on there are married and looking for affairs. There are singles too.

Examples of What Online Dating Scammers Say to Trick You

They write back within 24 hours and they FIX the problem! With huge jealous streaks and enjoy hurting Americans. First of all you receive these people who are interested in you, guess what? You have to become a member to have any communication. They seem to disappear after the first contact. There are a lot of scammers on the site to filter through. There are not who they pretend to be. I found a couple of photos I did not add to my profile but are on my computer, scary!!! I found this when I tried to delete my profile, which the site confirmed but untrue. This is truly a scam, hope I don't get billed for continuation which I have written to cancel and no authorization for further payment.

How are these sites able to run legally?? Attempted chat feature on the site, phone and Facebook. The only one that chatted with me was disjointed and had too long a lag. No way of knowing if they responded or when they responded. Most of the people online were the same every time. Wonder if they exist? Paid money to join and they wanted more for an enhanced chat?? The distance parameters that I set do not go to all the sections only search so I was asked to meet on man who was over twice the distance and I could find no information on him.

Had never sent him anything. If anyone is looking to go on a date site If you meet someone and choose to pause your account, don't even bother to pause it because "pause" does nothing. You will still get charged even when you are not using the site. Unlike other date sites, if you put your account on hold, they will let you pick up where you were and not pay extra. Zoosk also has mostly fake profiles, and fake messages.

There is also this tab that says this one is interested or that one is interested and then when you go to look at their profile the site blocks you from checking out the good looking people that supposedly show interest in you. The whole site is a scam and the people who run it are nothing but thieves. They are so desperate for members that they have to steal from the members they already have just to get the renewal fees. If you are smart you will NOT join this date site. This was the Biggest example of Fraud I have ever encountered in my life!!!

They censored my profile constantly changing words or blocking them all together Never knew if someone actually got my message or not 'cause I wouldn't pay the extra 8. The only members I could chat with were s of miles away They just quit texting or disappeared altogether. This a coincident or purpose to keep you chucking out the dollars. I deactivated and cancelled a month early due to overwhelming frustration and hope the, the, that's All Folks from Zoosk and they don't try to steal any more of my Hard earned money!!!

Zoosk has given me nothing but frustration and wasted time. It is stocked with "fake" profiles, floods my account with "fake" page views, fills my inbox with "fake" messages, and teases me to follow "fake" Carousel trails that lead nowhere. After four months on Zoosk, I have been approached by so many scam artists that I have lost count. Yesterday, I was contacted by four more of them. How do I know that they are fake? I am new here really getting bored,…I have been hurt in the past but cautiously trying this….

I am looking to meet someone nice and special..

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What are the plans for the weekend? I want to meet and communicate. But i would like to get to know you. So if we lose contact here is my email address. Love the profile and pics. My subscription ends… But you could leave your emall?