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The gun is nearly show room perfect. Not a single scratch on it, no visible wear, anywhere. The owner was meticulous in is care. He even supplied the original manual and sales receipt as well as a couple boxes of original Sheridan pellets. Does it shoot, though, even after all these years? You bet it does. With good match grade 20 cal pellets, it will still shoot one hole groups at 10 meters. If you ever find someone that claims that pump up air rifles can't shoot, send them over. I'll straighten them out in a hurry. You are on a roll with these great guns lately.

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Can't wait to see what is next. I had the chrome one and it was a super shooter. Originally Posted by Lithgow. Originally Posted by moakes Last edited by rman43; at I also used it a time or two to hunt squirrels and rabbits and also to scare off stray dogs that wandered into our farmstead. The gun was still called a Sheridan model C. In , Crosman bought Benjamin and quickly began to merge the two lines of airguns through the use of common parts. The stock wood is now thicker than ever. The safety on the C9 is a lever that pulls straight back from the rear of the receiver. Performance of the gun continues as it always was, so you can still buy a piece of history in !

I recently bought my 11 year old son a commemorative Crosman with a Crosman 4x scope from Pyramid, of course! However, I can see that it is underpowered.

Sheridan Serial Numbers -

What do you think about the Benjamin vs. He has vision problems, so a scope is an absolute requirement. It seems that most of the springers that are advertised as being small enough for a kid are really just basement shooters and plinkers. Your thoughts and recommendations? I agree that any springer an 11 year-old boy could handle is probably not good enough for squirrel hunting. The Benjamin is a cut above the Daisy 22SG in terms of the quality of materials and power.

The 22SG is a much easier rifle to pump. And it will take those animals if the range is kept to 25 yards or so. But what about the Benjamin AST? It takes almost no muscle power because it runs on an AirSource cartridge.

Sheridan Products

The problem would hunting in cold weather. Now the Crosman is also a possibility. This is one I can use as I shop the yard sales and flea markets. Mine just arrived today. My oh my how the quality has changed! Is anyone else left with the same impression? I seriously doubt this will ever be a classic or appreciate in value over time even though it is a numbered limited edition. The barrel has on it, Anybody have the same? Did I get scammed? The gun in the picture shows some grain which I thought was the way it would come.

The rotated front sight is unforgiveable. I would communicate directly with Crosman to see what can be done about it. If you do, please let us know what they say. I agree the fit and finish leave something to be desired. But it will increase in value if the condition remains pristine and the box and all the stuff stays with it. Do you think I should get this front site fixed, or being as though I never planned on actually shooting this gun and the fact that it came from Crosman like this would it be worth more in the future as is?

Three principal Sheridan variations

The box was kind of beat on and showed signs of being opened and reclosed, but everything appears to be there. No, I thought you were wanting to shoot the gun. I would leave it as-is and keep everything together. If Crosman fixes the site do you think they will repackage the gun? Like maybe new styrofoam and tape? Maybe a new box? But think of it like this. Crosman, the company who made the gun, wants to put yours right. How can that be anything but good? As for the box, etc, if you act finicky and subservient at the same time, I bet they would do almost anything for you.

Second, thanks for the informative safety discussion—now I can date my heirloom Sheridan between and since it has the tang safety unaltered. I shoot this working piece of history with my almost 12 year old son who is legally blind. I have been advised that laser technology would help him shoot. He can usually hit a can at 7 years with the iron sights, but a laser might improve his accuracy and confidence at 7 yards and help him get hits on target at further distances.

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  • What types of laser devices can I easily fit to this air rifle? And nothing is permanent. Cost IS an issue. Do you have any suggestions?

    His main problem is neurological in that his eyes never stay still. Sometimes barely noticeable, other times like watching a typewriter carriage go back and forth. Net effect is his retinas never get a steady image to focus on. I hope this makes sense. The Intermount should fit the older barrel, too. For your son, as long as we are talking multi-pump pneumatics, how about a Daisy 22SG? You can take the scope off and mount the laser directly to the dovetails of the receiver — again, no open sights with the laser on.

    I did a report on it a while back. Five shots, easier to cock, and more accurate than the I think it would be perfect for what you are doing. I like to buy American whenever possible, but if the IZH would be better for him under the circumstances…. Previous blogs refer to more difficult shooting technique with such guns. The IZH is perfect at the midranges you quoted. It is a sub f.

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    • Though it is a springer, it is the most forgiving springer around. Your son will have no problems that way. The laser mounting question hinges on the bases on the gun. All three we are discussing, the 22SG, the. And the open sights will be blocked on all three when the laser is attached. Just read your post. I am very nearsighted and legally blind in one eye.

      Although I benefit from scopes, I do use iron and especially like peep sights. A peep sight might work in a similar fashion to a typoscope card with a rectangular hole, to view one word or line at a time that has been used to help kids with nystagmus to read. I shoot mostly across my basement. I use a high intensity desk light to shine on target as spotlight. Helps me a lot.

      So far have not hit it — not so lucky with basement window: I do not like targets with black bulls eye becomes hard to distinguish from front sight as not enough contrast. I have found I especially like to shoot at things — plinking I guess. I read recently of a boy with nystagmus shooting with his dad and he was taking a long time between shots.

      When his dad asked him why it was taking him so long to shoot, his son replied that each time he shot he had to count over from the first target on the left because that was the only way he could locate his target. I have been teaching my 12 year old daughter to shoot.

      She is not a very physically active kid but she can cock the IZH keeping it at her shoulder. The IZH does have some recoil. The Crosman does not really have any. The Crosman is semi-automatic so can just pull trigger to continue to fire 12 shot rotary clip. I have the airsource attachment but it makes the gun heavier and right now easier for her with regular CO2 cartridges. A laser works by just putting the dot on the target.

      You do not have to sight down the barrel just look at target. My only complaint is that I have had a difficult time adjusting one of these things. Works great in basement not sure how well outside in daylight. It is pretty good and can adjust light dot very bright. It is kind of an illusion as the dot really just appears on lens of the scope nothing actually on target. I am not sure of head or eye movement your son may have and how easy or difficult it may be to looking through a scope device would be.

      Good luck teaching your son, I have a son with a form of autism and probably will not be able to teach him to shoot.

      I have enjoyed teaching my daughter but lately she has preferred to do other things. She can always pick it up and I am glad she knows how to safely handle and shoot an air gun or firearm. I learned to shoot in as a kid and was away from shooting a long time but never forgot the basic rules of gun safety, or how to shoot: I have a sheridan.

      I am looking for a rebuild kit. If I charge the weapon and hunt for rabbits within 3 min the air charge is down. Do you know how I can repair it? Also my family has several more of these and I would like ti repair them all. There are no kits available to the public, as far as I know. The only difference between the two Streaks is the finish. Model F Total Production: Dating a Vintage Sheridan Model C Streak - be aware that changes often cannot be pinpointed exactly, so most changes will only be list by year they first appeared Date stamps on to and serial numbers on easily pinpoint manufacture dates for these years.

      Покупки по категориям

      This change chronology is most useful for identifying approximate manufacture dates for Model C "Streaks" produced from to , the "Thumb Safety" version of the Model C Streaks. May - May Jan - Apr Last year of the Original Sheridan Products Inc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Blue Book of Gun Values.

      Retrieved January 3, Retrieved from " https: