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  1. 5 reasons flight attendants are the best people for travelers to date
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5 reasons flight attendants are the best people for travelers to date

He invited her on a snow trip to Mount Selwyn - with all his mates. We had a few drinks, there was a fire, and we walked around the farm. There was more heavy metal the next day, on the way home. It was semi-awkward, sort of lovely, we were holding hands.

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She flew back the next day. We stayed in touch for a few days. And so rather than lead her on, I ended it within a week after she got back, saying exactly that. I think she understood. It was completely our of the blue. We caught up, had a quick chat.

Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. Pet Peeves of Flight Attendants 1: I feel out of my element — that much steel shouldn't stay airborne! But I've figured out how to improve things: I turn flying into a situation that makes me comfortable — by picking up women. And unless I'm sitting beside an attractive lady, my focus is going to be on those cute flight attendants.

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One thing to remember about female servers barkeeps, waitresses, strippers, flight attendants, etc. As a player, you need to stand out and, basically, not screw it up like the majority. When the attendants were helping people settle in, I smiled at her as she passed.

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